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Walkabout Australia 2015

Posted :30+ days old

Location : WOLLONGONG-NSW-2500 (Australia Wide)

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Ever wanted to escape society for a while? For good? Walkabout Australia is about doing just that! Im not talking about living in a refrigerator wrapped in aluminium foil to prevent the government from reading your thoughts, that's crazy. Walkabout Australia isn't. WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT SEEING THIS AMAZING COUNTRY AT GROUND LEVEL WHILE REDUCING YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT TO NEARLY ZERO AND MEETING COUNTLESS AUSSIES WHILE SPREADING THE GOSPEL OF LIVING SUSTAINABLY. Beginning at the end of March, Walkabout Australia will be a hike from Sydney to Wollongong... via Newcastle, Brisbane, Townsville, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Tasmania, Melbourne, Canberra! IM EXPECTING THIS TRIP TO LAST A MINIMUM OF 4 YEARS. I AM NOT EXPECTING PEOPLE TO WALK AWAY FROM THEIR LIVES FOR THAT LONG, BUT IF YOUR INTERESTED IN JOING THE HIKE FOR SPECIFIC LEGS, FOR EXAMPLE SYDNEY TO NEWCASTLE OR BRISBANE TO TOWNSVILLE, THEN THATS FINE. IF YOU WANT TO JOIN ME GOING THE ENTIRE DISTANCE, BECOMING ONE OF A VERY FEW WHO HAVE ACHIEVED THIS MASSIVE JOURNEY, THEN PLEASE DO. The purpose of the hike is A) Reducing our carbon footprint while predominately (but not entirely) living in the wilds of Australia and B) Spreading the word on the importance of the three R's... Reuse, Recycle and Renewable Energy. WHETHER YOUR INTERESTED OR MERELY INTRIGUED, CONTACT ME AND I WILL TELL YOU MORE. This venture is in support of a planet that we are killing as fast as we can. Remember... IF YOUR NOT PART OF THE SOLUTION YOUR PART OF THE PROBLEM. Join me in trying to make a difference to this world, while we still can. CALL, TEXT OR EMAIL JERRY ON; 0423 97 37 20


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